Radiant Space, LA 🧘🏽‍♀️

Living in a big city, you are surrounded by sooo much culture and art. While searching the internet for “things to do in LA” on my day off, I came across an art installation viewing at a popular art gallery. Radiant Space hosts art shows, photoshoots, and special events and is located in West Hollywood.

This specific art installation, named “Alchemy Tunnel,” was put together by artist Laurie Shapiro. To describe the space, I’ll have you imagine looking into a kaleidoscope. The installation features colorful tapestry, eye-catching fixtures dangling from the ceiling, and lighting that instantly made it feel as though you were in a beautiful daydream. Scents of essential oils filled the room. I felt welcomed and at home.

Not only did I have the opportunity to just BE in this beautiful space, the viewing included a Sound Healing Meditation session hosted by Natalie Skyy. She began the session with a breathing exercise meant to relax every muscle in your body. She then invited you to relax your mind and meditate while she played a variety of instruments including a gong, singing bowls, a rain stick, and a crystal pyramid. With every change in pitch and tone, I reached a deeper sense of self-enlightenment. I reached clarity on things that had been worrying me. I feel very much at peace.

After the event, I began to do some research on the benefits of meditation and the use of instruments like singing bowls. It turns out the vibrations given off by the bowls aid in decreasing anxiety and offering balance to your energy systems. It’s a common practice dating back thousands of years.

I’m so happy that I got to experience this beautiful piece of art. I was able to interact with art in ways that I haven’t before! Have you tried meditation with sound therapy? Seen any really cool art? Leave a comment!

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