Viva Mexico!

That’s it! Contract numero cuatro is in the books! To celebrate, I decided to spend a few days in sunny Cabo San Lucas. It was exactly what I needed after 13 weeks at Antelope Valley Hospital. I’m going to miss my coworkers and ever patient that I had the opportunity to work with. But I needed a VACATION!

Because I was also in the process of securing and purchasing furniture for an apartment in LA, my goal was to not break the bank on airfare and a hotel. I used Hopper, on of my favorite travel apps, to track the flights ahead of time. This app is awesome because it’s similar to Google Flights in which it sends notifications on price changes. To book our lodging, I used an ADP discount to get 40% off. You should definitely check with your payroll department to see if you qualify for this discount too!

I ended up choosing the Club Regina for our stay. If you can believe it, we pain less than $215 for a 4-night stay in a Studio Suite. This room was equipped with a private jacuzzi, the most comfortable king sized bed and a gorgeous view of the ocean. On the property were two infinity pools, two restaurants, and a bar with best grapefruit margaritas. Big perk was that we also had access to the pools, swim up bar, and restaurant at the Westin next door (without the fortune it probably would have costed to stay there. )

For this vacation, the theme was “relaxation.” I was 100% content with Beach, Bar, Pool. However I did partake in one adventurous activity suggested by our resort’s Activity Department. I have never had a need for speed, but ATV riding was actually pretty fun! We had the choice between the desert or the beach, and the beach was an obvious winner. I do, however have one tip: DO NOT WEAR WHITE. I made that mistake, but ultimately just prepared to get dirty. I think that’s part of the fun!

That tour was through Amigos Cabos MotoRent and I would definitely recommend!

A few more tips:

  • Chileno Bay is one of the best beaches for swimming. But be careful and adhere to any swimming precautions!
  • Wear Sunscreen. I’m recovering from sunburn as I type this 😑
  • Be careful! Be aware of your surroundings and keep a close eye on your belongings.

This form is usually handed out on your flight into Mexico, signed by officials once you land and must be surrendered prior to your outbound flight back into the US. It’s a big ordeal if you don’t have it, so just try to make that process easy.

  • And lastly, HAVE FUN! Cabo is beautiful and has so much to offer!

This trip to Mexico was everything I needed to recharge and refocus. I’m excited that I can enter this next contract rejuvenated and refreshed! Have you ever been to Mexico? Planning a trip? Leave a comment!

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