California Super Bloom!🌼

If you haven’t heard of California’s “Super Bloom” you aren’t the only one. I had no idea what it was prior to moving to southern California. This post is dedicated to the beautiful floral phenomenon!

The term “super bloom” refers to the blossoming of an abundance of flowers during the Spring and Summer months and typically occurs once every 10 years. For this event to occur, there has to be the perfect amount of rain, warmth, wind and cloud cover. When all of the forces of nature work together perfectly, literal magic is born. 🌼

One of the main flowers of the Super Bloom is the Poppy, California’s state flower. They fill the fields with orange hues and the view is breathtaking! Flowers such as the Desert pincushion, blue lupines and California aster also grow wildly during this time of year. They add a splash of pink, blue and white in the sea of orange.

There are many parks and places to see the Super Bloom. I currently live in Palmdale and the closest park to me is Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. There is a fee to enter, however most people park on the side of the road the leads to the park. It’s frowned upon to bring pets and to run through the fields. The are paths to walk through so as to not harm the flowers.

In April, the city of Lancaster holds a California Poppy Festival. This even hosts several exhibits, food and performances in celebration of this special flower.


So if you find yourself in the Southern California area in the Spring or Summer, find the nearest park or reserve! The Super Bloom is definitely a must-see!

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