Peace, Love, Hawaii! ☮️

I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Oahu for my 28th birthday and I am missing the sweet smell of coconut as I type this post. Keep reading for details on where I stayed and what I did!

Living the #YurtLife

When planning this trip, I knew I wanted to stay on the North Shore. It’s home to some of the best beaches for surfing. It’s about an hour drive from the airport, but extremely worth it! The best part of our stay was definitely WHERE we stayed. I went the non-traditional route and opted out of staying at a resort. I was able to find a beautiful, weather-proof, air-conditioned yurt right across the street from the beach. The pictures posted above do it NO justice! I was super cozy and romantic and I would definitely recommend! There was a cute little swing and loft with a glass dome that let in warm sunlight. Our host, Erin, checked on us often and even provided bikes and beach towels for our beach trips.

Waimea Falls

Waterfalls and Mermaid Caves 🧜🏽‍♀️

Because it was such a short trip, I wanted to take full advantage of everything that the island had to offer. First on my list was the underwater oasis known as the “Mermaid Caves of Oahu.” These caves are not well-known and there are no formal tours. Getting to the caves involved a hike over jagged rocks and a climb down a gaping hole. Once we reached the bottom, our feet were greeted by sharp seashells and slippery rocks. But the scraped ankle and bruised hand that I now have was totally worth it. I can not put into words how breathtaking the view of the ocean was from the caves. A definite MUST-SEE!

We also visited the Waimea Falls which was close to where we were staying. It was about $16 per person to enter the park. From the entrance, there was about a mile walk on a flat, paved trail through a vibrant tropical jungle. Although I did not partake, there is the opportunity to take a plunge into the fresh water pool and swim to the falls.

Ehukai Pillbox Hike 🎒

As if the journey over and under treacherous rock wasn’t enough, I decide that it would be fun to tackle the Ehukai Pillbox Hike. The pillbox itself is an old military bunker. The hike begins as a flat, narrow trail trail and becomes progressively steep and muddy. To assist you on your way up, there are man-made steps and rope tied along trees. I ended up having to get rid of the shoes that I wore, but the view from the top was definitely worth it! The first pillbox overlooks the North Shore and the second pillbox (pictured above) offers a better view of the Banzai Pipeline. If you ever venture to Oahu, this hike should be on your to-do list

These are just a few things that I did during my short trip to the beautiful island of Oahu. I am definitely planning another trip in the near future!

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