GRE and NPTE Giveaway!

Because I appreciate all of the love and support that you guys have shown over the past month (and in honor of my 28th birthday!) I’ve decided to provide two lucky people with the gift of…STUDY MATERIALS!

I remember struggling financially in undergrad and grad school. In effort to ease that burden for two hopeful students, I have purchased the two resources that helped me to succeed in passing both of these exams. One of the books is the Official GRE Super Power Pack. This book includes multiple practice tests with questions similar to those that would be on the exam. The other is Scorebuilders – PT Exam. This is really good resource that I used in conjunction with the Therapy Ed Study Guide by O’Sullivan. The wording is very easy to follow and the charts/graphs really assisted with breaking down material. It also comes with multiple practice exams!

The details are posted on my instagram! May the odds be in your favor!

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