Interview Prep!

One thing that I’ve learned from my short time in travel PT is the importance of asking questions during the interview. This is the time to find out more about the facility so that you are not blindsided after signing a contract. I’ve compiled a list of my go to questions as a guide. Most of them are geared towards outpatient, as that is where I have the most experience.

  • What type of documentation system does the facility use?
  • Why is there a need for a traveler?
  • What are the typical insurance types? Medicare? Private?
  • What are the productivity requirements?
  • How many other PTs are there on staff? (PRN, Full/Part-time?)
  • Are there any PTAs on staff? Aides?
  • What is the normal caseload and how are patients scheduled?
  • What are the typical diagnoses seen? Ortho/Neuro/Peds?
  • What is the required uniform/dress code?
  • What is the experience of supervisor/DOR?
  • Will you have access to your own computer/laptop?
  • Does the facility have any special equipment?
  • What are the expected work hours?

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