Frequently Asked Questions…

I’ll start by saying how grateful I am for those of you who have reached out to me via Instagram or email. Several of you have asked a few of the same questions, so this post is dedicated to the basics!

Pros and Cons of Travel PT

Pros would definitely be having the flexibility to choose where I want to work. I’ve only worked in two states but I have worked in different settings and met other therapist whom I’ve learned from. Contracts are typically 13 weeks and I try to plan a trip in between them. I have found that this really helps to prevent burnout.

Cons would be the normal productivity standards, dealing with not so honest recruiters and moving every 3 months. 


Benefits provided are dependent upon agency. Most agencies offer health insurance through the length of the contract. Some agencies offer 401k, PTO, and loan forgiveness after a certain amount of contracts completed.

Housing Accommodations

For my first two assignments, I was able to rent a 2-bedroom apartment with a friend who was staying in the Atlanta area. I have also rented rooms through Airbnb. For purposes of taxes, you do have to provide proof of expenses at a tax or permanent home in addition to your temporary housing to receive tax-free stipends. See for more information.

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