Choosing the Best Contract Company for You


Before graduating, I was 100% certain that I wanted to do travel therapy. I had no passion for either setting, and the idea of being able to treat a different variety of patients was very appealing to me. However…I was NOT prepared to deal with the bombardment of phone calls and emails I would receive from every travel company known to man. Each of them have one goal in mind: fill a position. The recruiters who contact you are compensated when you are hired for a given position. The key to finding a good travel company truly lies in the recruiter. A good recruiter is one who listens, cares about what you want, and values you as a therapist. A terrible recruiter only sees you as a paycheck. When looking for contracts, it’s a good idea to speak with several different agencies as they all may have relationships with different clients. I’ve done this, but seem to always sign contracts with my initial recruiter. She has been, by far, the most personable. I’ve always felt secure with her because she’s always been a text away should an issue arise and she has dealt with my indecisiveness for over a year. She’s genuine and awesome at what she does. Feel free to contact me for her info (:

Bottom Line: Find a good recruiter and you’ll be in good hands, no matter the agency.

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